Charlamagne Trolls Lil Duval After Message Telling Black People To "Stop Complaining"


Lil Duval is back at it again with his bold opinions on racism. A few months ago Duval tweeted that he thinks racism doesn’t exist on the West Coast, “Maybe I’m tripping but it seems like racism don’t even exist no more on the west coast. It’s still classism but the “i don’t like you because yo color” shit, I don’t see it,” he said, adding: “News flash: everything ain’t about race. Truth be told they ain’t even thinking bout us no more.”

Today, Duval shared a photo to his Instagram the transcripts an interview with Dr. Farrah Gray speaking on “the concerns Black people.” In the interview, Farrah explains how the “Asain Man” does not need “loud mass movements” to overtake the White Supremacy in time, and continues to detail examples how his people reduce “the outside influence other ideologies and cultures.”

Duval captioned the picture saying: “Friendly reminder: nobody is holding black people back but BLACK PEOPLE! And it’s nobody’s responsibility to make life better for you but YOU! So stop complaining about obstacles you have to overcome WE ALL HAVE THEM ain’t shit equal on earth. Not even in the ocean.”

Of course, Charlamagne Tha God was caught creepin’ in the comments telling Duval to “Stop Cooning!” Duval followed up with, “Don’t make me call Mo’Nique to read you again.” If you’re not sure the reference, click here.