Charlamagne Tha God Celebrates 3 Years Of "Put Some Respek On My Name"


Three years ago, Birdman made Breakfast Club, nay, radio history. Upon his arrival to the studio, it didn’t take long for the Cash Money mogul to veer off course, allowing his hostile temperament to get the better of him. What followed was a classic incident of aggression, delivered in a menacing albeit veiled fashion. “I’m gon’ start this shit straight telling y’all: Stop playing with my name,” he began.  “N—a, when my name come up, respect it.” When Charlamagne Tha god prodded him further, Birdman delivered the now-iconic line: “put some respek on my name.”

While the encounter, which led to a walk-off shortly after the bomb was dropped, was initially tense, enough time has passed to further dull the blow. Clearly, Charlamagne still looks back on the experience rather fondly, as he took a moment to celebrate three years of “put some respek on my name.” The radio personality posted a brief video mash-up of both Birdman and The Hamiltones, throwing in a cheeky “Tree Years Ago” caption for good measure.

It’s nice to see that Charlamagne can laugh about the interview-gone-awry, although Birdman may still feel slighted by the experience. During a recent interview with Juvenile, Charlamagne inquired why Birdman didn’t roll through in tandem. Juve could only laugh, that in itself speaking volumes.