Charlamagne Tha God Blasts "Central Park Five" Attorney Linda Fairstein


Ava DuVernay’s Netflix limited series When They See Us has truly rocked the nation. The series, which observes the events underlying the tragic story of the Central Park Five youth, made waves and sparked heartfelt reactions from social media. DuVernay’s efforts to shed light on the wrongful convictions and discriminatory treatment of the Black and Brown at the hands of the justice system seems to have rendered successful. And since the show’s release, folks have been out for justice, especially in wanting everyone tied to the real story to be held accountable for their actions.

As such, Linda Fairstein, the prosecutor responsible for the wrongful conviction of the Black & Brown youth was the recent focal point of their justice trail. The lawyer who infamously jailed the young boys for raping a Central Park jogger has since gone onto become a successful, New York bestselling author. Considering her past, the fans were not having it and called for all book retailers to yank her products off the shelves. Since then, the prosecutor has disappeared from social media after being so viciously dragged to filth.

Radio host Charlamagne Tha God predicted what would be the shamed prosecutor’s next move, in a way which somewhat reminds us of the detriments of White Privilege. In an IG post, Cthagod predicted Fairstein would sue the cast and all involved in When They See Us and claim emotional distress. Moreover, he finalized his comical (and sadly true) commentary emphasizing that “there are two things for us to learn from this situation. 1)Don’t Play Victim to circumstances you created and 2)Mayonnaise is Satans favorite condiment.”