Chanel West Coast Thinks Charlamagne Tha God "Might Be A Little Racist"


Chanel West Coast, like many before her, has found herself on the receiving end some Charlamagne scorn. The infamous confrontation on MTV’s “Ridiculousness” has garnered over five million views, and many still can’t help but associate Chanel with her rival, Tha God himself. And while the feud has continued to simmer throughout the years, with semi-recent Donkey Of The Days and passing shots exchanged, Chanel has had some time mull things over. Upon delivering an adeptly rolled Swisher Sweet, Chanel opens up about her experience with Charlamagne.

“I feel like he might a little close minded,” says Chanel. “And for someone who speaks a lot about racism he might be a little racist himself. I think maybe he thinks I’m some little white girl and he sees me laughing and smiling with blonde hair. Maybe he imagines me growing up with a white picket fence, golden retrievers and my mommy and daddy together but that’s not the case. I think maybe he didn’t know who I am, and that he’s judging a book by its cover.”

She proceeds to reveal that Charlamagne actually invited her to The Breakfast Club, and proceeded to move with cordiality. However, the facade soon faded when he hit her with the aforementioned Donkey Of The Day over something she said on Love And Hip-Hop. As they say, there are always multiple sides to a story. Peep the full interview below, especially if you want to know what it’s like getting high with Snoop Dogg.