Chance The Rapper Won’t Be Taking To The Super Bowl Halftime Stage Anytime Soon


As Jay Z will take the reigns on the forthcoming Super Bowl halftime performances, now that Roc Nation has inked a deal with the NFL, hip hop artists are being questioned regarding their potential participation. Chance The Rapper recently visited Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club where Charlamagne That God wanted to know if Jay-Z’s inclusion would affect whether or not the Chicago rapper would take to the halftime stage.

“Nah, I wouldn’t and it’s not no knock to anybody,” Chance stated. “I think the words a lot of people are using is ‘actionable item‘ and I don’t think the Super Bowl is my actionable item. I think there’s certain things that I would like to see get changed and there’s a lot of people that help me. Shout out to JAY-Z, who’s helped me a lot since day one, but there’s things that I gotta do personally that I think will affect change and empower other people to affect change that would be outside of the Super Bowl.”

Chance goes on to explain his opinions regarding what he deems to be the unlawful nature of the system of government Americans live under, including all branches of government. Check out his full explanation a little after the 47-minute mark below.