Chance the Rapper Tweets That He Feels ‘Some People Want Him to Feel Ashamed’


Chance The Rapper fired off a series of tweets Monday morning (Aug. 5).

"I’m getting this crazy feeling that people want me to kill myself," he wrote to Twitter, which began an extended thread. "And I feel like even more than that, some people want me to feel ashamed. Shame is heavy yo. And feeling shame for something that you were once prideful about is super heavy. What’s really weird is that music is the number one thing that influences how I feel on the daily. Like can really push me to one side or the other. And thats super raw to me. Cause I’m sure there’s other people that get their fuel from music."

Chance finished off his rant to reaffirm the love he has for his wife. "So for anybody out there thats texted me the past few days, I appreciate you. And I’m happy being able to spend time with my family and do alot of the things I used to do before I got so wrapped up in making this project. And I wanna let some of these feelings go cause thats whats Twitter is for. And the number one thing thats been on my heart and has been reaffirmed in the last week that I’m now 100% sure of is… That I LOVE my wife," Chano concluded.

He then followed-up to make sure that his followers shouldn't be alarmed, as he's not suicidal. "I just want to reiterate that I don’t want to kill myself, nor am I ashamed of loving my wife. I think I just wanted to say out loud that I see the vibes," Chance tweeted. 

This week, Chance's The Big Day debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 with 108,000 equivalent album units sold, behind NF'The Search.

Several memes and videos mocking Chance and the love he heavily displayed for his wife and being married on The Big Day have gone viral online in the days since the project's release. 

See the thread from Chance below.