Chance The Rapper Teases New Track With Murda Beatz And TisaKorean


Coming off of his high from succeeding in bringing back Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets last week, Chance The Rapper has previewed what’s presumed to be the first track off his debut studio album, “Owbum”. Though it’s been a while since we’ve gotten a drop from him (we’ve been waiting since his 2016 Coloring Book mixtape), the Chicago rapper recently took to Twitter to assure fans of his promise that he would be dropping his album in July, prompting some of his fans to narrow down his release window to a specific date.

Last night the artist took to his Instagram to share a clip of him and three others dancing to a teaser preview of his new track. Amongst those in the video were rapper TisaKorean and producer Murda Beatz, who feature on the newly teased track. All four of them perform a similar dance alongside the track, which is edited in a glitch-like style.

After Chance’s post though, fans went back to TisaKorean’s Instagram page where they realized he had posted a preview of the song himself, with him and Chance dancing along to it with the same moves, over a month ago.

The catchy song has fans and fellow artists alike (including Cardi B) anticipating the drop even more, urging chance to consider dropping the track as a single before the release of the album, “Drop a 🔥 in the comments and I’ll drop the song before it get too hot outside #owbum,” he captions the clip.

Are you excited for the drop?