Chance The Rapper Shines As Host On SNL: Recap


Chance the Rapper made his return to Saturday Night Live last night, but he did more than just perform. Chance also headlined the event as the host for the second time. Along with MC Hammer, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Drake, and Queen Latifah, Chance is one of the few rappers who have ever hosted SNL

He kicked off the night with a monologue that included a shoutout to Chicago public schools and a rap dedicated to his hometown about loving the “second best one.” 

Throughout the night, Chance was featured consistently to flex his comedic muscles. For “E-Sports Reporter,” Chance stars as a Knicks reporter reassigned to cover the League of Legends championship. He lands a number of laughs throughout relying on his confusion over the event. He also shines in “Spooky Song” as a zombie who is too embarrassed to join the other undead in a song about how they each died. Whether you thought The Big Day was a flop or not, Chance is still very funny as an actor. It’s irresputable that the man has a remarkable amount of charisma. Check out “E-Sports Reporter,” “Spooky Song” and the rest of Chance’s appearances during last night’s episode of SNL below.

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