Chance The Rapper Says His Tracks With Childish Gambino Are "Amazing"


On Monday night, Chance the Rapper participated in Pitchfork’s In Sight Out conversation series by sitting down with journalist Adrienne Samuels Gibbs at the Museum Contemporary Art in Chicago. While there, Chance was asked a plethora questions, including the long awaited project with Childish Gambino, to which he said was just a rumor for the longest time, but the two did recently link up in Atlanta and have some “amazing” tracks recorded.

“We perpetuated that rumor for a long time without recording anything (laughs)… We did link up in Atlanta and record some tracks and… they’re amazing,” Chance told Adriene when asked about the Gambino project.

In addition to that, Chance was also asked about fellow Chicago icon Kanye West, saying he’s working on Kanye’s next album and what he’s learned most from Ye. “He showed me how to multitask and use the studio for more than making music… he’ll rent out a whole studio and fill it up with different projects,” Lil Chano From 79th said.

From what we know thus far, Chance didn’t give any concrete information about either Kanye’s project or when we might be able to hear his work with Childish Gambino, but it definitely helps build the hype.

Check out the various quotes & excerpts from Monday night’s conversation (below).