Chance The Rapper Has Questions About Science & The Earth’s True Age


Chance The Rapper began his daily shares to Twitter earlier today when he announced a few tour stops ahead of the arrival of his upcoming album with no name. After getting fans pumped even more for his Coloring Book follow-up, Chance has now switched gears to pose a question on the Earth’s habitants from a billion years ago. “So yall think shit been goin on for a billion years? Idk,’ he said in his first tweet.  

He assured his followers that he’s aware of all the “old trees and rocks and alligators and stuff” but he’s estimating the planet to be a million years old at most. 

The question, of course, sparked some followers to respond telling Chance to go read a book in private to find his own answers. “Chance, this isn’t how it works, please go to one of those libraries you are always promoting on here, I’m sure they would be happy to help you out,” one user responded

While Chance maintained his honest curiosity in reading people’ answers and assumptions, some still continued to chase Chance off the platform with his questions. 

The “No Problem” music maker ended things with a vote to see who his followers really depend on: