Chance The Rapper Explains Why Young Thug Is One Of His Biggest Influences


Chance The Rapper's been one the most influential figures in music right now. While his music is in a lane its own, he's always been embraced from the music industry, regardless genres. His last album Coloring Book, hailed features from people like Kanye West, Lil Yachty, Jay Electronica, Kirk Franklin and more. One rapper who joined him on the project was Young Thug. In a recent interview, Chance The Rapper revealed that Young Thug taught him a lot while he was in Georgia.

Earlier in the month, Chance The Rapper joined Pitchfork for their In Sight Out podcast where he spoke about everything he's working on right now. One the more interesting parts the conversation came when Chance The Rapper spoke about his time in Atlanta. The rapper explained that he worked heavily with Quavo, Donald Glover and course, Young Thug. The rapper detailed why Young Thug is one his biggest influences right now.

"I spent a lot time in Georgia and Atlanta and working with some artists that are close friends mine. Donald Glover, Quavo and, one my biggest influences right now is Young Thug." He explained, "He's super dope and I don't want to give away all his secrets but he showed me a lot stuff and one the things that has helped me a lot later in my career, towards the end Coloring Book and the stuff I'm working on now is a process called punch cutting. Instead using a pen and try to write an entire piece and then attack it on the mic separately and hope that all the inflections and rhythms you had in mind when you wrote it are still there, you write it by recording it."

While Young Thug's influence on the current generation rap is evident, it's clearly even bled into his peers. Peep the full interview below.