Chance the Rapper Doesn’t Loan His Friend Money in ‘Hot Shower’ Video Feat. DaBaby & MadeinTYO: Watch


Chance the Rapper returns with another cinematic visual from The Big Day with "Hot Water" on Monday (Oct. 28). The clip enlists Reel Goats on the director side, who have made a name for themselves working with DaBaby on his captivating videos. 

DaBaby, MadeinTYO and actor Jake Johnson (New Girl) all star in the comedic clip. Johnson finds himself as a businessman owing a couple of mobsters $50,000, and things could get ugly for him if he doesn't fork over the cash quickly. The clip pans to Chance keeping busy with a workout and instructing dance classes at the gym.

The "Uber Everywhere" rapper trades in his ride-sharing ways to get behind the wheel of a race car. He's even brought a few twerking women along to join him for a day at the track, while Baby delivers his verse at the courthouse, as he dons a dapper suit to fight his case with Chance as the judge.

Ultimately, it doesn't look good for Johnson securing the $50,000 because Chance sent his repeated calls directly to voicemail. The Chicago native was also on double-duty over the weekend (Oct. 26), where he hosted and served as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live.

Watch the "Hot Shower" video below.