Chadwick Boseman Responds To Wakandan Letter By "Black Panther" Superfan


There are fans, then there are superfans and then there are super super fans. Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman came across possibly one of his biggest fans when he got word of a letter written in Wakanda code by a boy named Ben. Chadwick shared the image to his Instagram feed that sees Ben holding his handwritten note up for the camera. “Dear Black Panther my name is Ben,” it read. “I am your biggest fan. Could you please write back,” it reads. 

“How cool is it that Hannah Beachler created an incredible alphabet for #BlackPanther and now I’m getting fanmail like this? Thanks for letting me know you’re my biggest fan, Ben. You’re awesome and your letter means a lot to me,” Chadwick wrote in response to the letter. 

The Wakanda language is inspired by African languages as well as Arabic and Chinese, thanks to Hannah Beachler the film’s production designer. 

In other Black Panther news, we previously posted on the exciting update that the film’s director Ryan Coolger has begun writing the script for the second film. “Mr. Coogler is just only in recent weeks sitting down at his keyboard and beginning to outline the movie,” MCU’s Kevin Feig stated.