Celine Dion Comes Alive With Stunning First Stop in U.S. of ‘Courage’ World Tour: Here Are the 6 Best Moments


Celine Dion has certainly earned a break. Dion recently ended her 16-year run in Las Vegas, but now she's back on the road and showing no signs of slowing down. For our sake, let's hope she doesn't.

In support of her upcoming album Courage, Dion began a tour of the same name in Quebec this past September. On Friday (Oct. 18), she made her first stop in the United States, bringing her set to the newly christened Rocket Mortgage Field House in Cleveland, OH.

"We started this world tour a few weeks ago up in Canada, but this is a very special night, because Cleveland is our very first show in the USA. And that is because we hear that you guys know how to let it all hang out," she told the audience.

Despite recently having to reschedule several Canadian shows after doctors put her on vocal rest, the "My Heart Will Go On" singer stunned the crowd with her exquisite prowess. After two hours of power ballads sprinkled with her whimsical attitude, Celine had fans begging her to stay.

Dion commands the stage while making easy, friendly conversation with her band (which included horns, a saxophone, several guitarists and bass players, a drummer, strings, and backup singers) — allowing her quirky personality we've come to know and love through the years to shine.

Here are the six best moments from the Cleveland Courage World Tour.

Song choices: With of 30-years worth of discography to choose from, Dion did an impressive job seamlessly mixing older hits ("Beauty and the Beast") with her new singles ("Courage" and "Lying Down"), leaving no fan of her work disappointed. And her one-two encore punch of "My Heart Will Go On" and John Lennon's "Imagine" struck an extraordinary chord.

Sartorial statements: She wore five different outfits in all. The first was pure sultry chanteuse — a red, sequined dress with a short slit up her thigh. Then, she donned a tuxedo-like fit accompanied with huge puffy sleeves she would later discard because "it's a little hot in here." (But "don't worry, doctors' orders. I will keep my pants on," she promised.) Next up — a nude and black-laced gown with another, even higher slit up the thigh. For her medley of covers that began with David Bowie's "Just Dance," she wore a Ziggy Stardust-esque sparkly suit, complete with other-worldly shoulders. (She'd add a red arm reminiscent of Freddie Mercury for "Another One Bites the Dust.") And finally, for her encore — an iceberg of a dress with layers upon layers of tulle for "My Heart Will Go On" and "Imagine."

The banter: At the beginning of the show, Dion lamented how long it had been since she performed in Cleveland, setting a playful tone that would pervade throughout the night. "It's been more than 10 years since we were here the last time. What is that? I can't even count to ten. Ain't doing that no more," she joked. "Maybe it's because they locked me up in Vegas a little bit. But I escaped. And I came to Cleveland and it feels fantastic." 

Audience participation: When introducing the John Farnham song "You're the Voice," Celine really wanted everyone in attendance to help out — so she and her backup vocalists taught the audience a special part of the tune, encouraging people to sing with her. Then, during "Because You Loved Me," she told the audience join her once again "because you know the words." Of course, everyone was already singing with her the whole time.

Her vocals: You'd never know the 51-year old singer was recently put on vocal rest, forcing her to reschedule parts of her tour. Her voice was spot-on fantastic the entire show.

The drones: Yep. There were drones emulating stars, water, and even the "heart of the ocean" diamond for "My Heart Will Go On." 

Overall, Dion reminded everyone why she's one of the world's biggest stars with a forceful, engaging showstopping concert.

See the full set list below:

1. "It's All Coming Back to Me Now"
2. "That's The Way It Is"
3. "I'm Alive"
4. "If You Asked Me To"
5. "The Power of Love"
6. "Love Can Move Mountains"
7. "Beauty and the Beast"
8. "The Prayer"
9. "You're the Voice"
10. "Tous Les Blues Sont Écrits Pour Toi"
11. "To Love You More"
12. "Courage"
13. "All By Myself"
14. "Lying Down"
15. "The Reason"
16. "Because You Loved Me"
17. "Let's Dance"/"Another One Bites the Dust"/"Kiss"/"River Deep, Mountain High"/"Lady Marmalade"
18. "My Heart Will Go On"
19. "Imagine"