Celina Powell Says Offset Sent Her Cease & Desist Letter


The drama surrounding Offset's alleged baby mama continues after Celina Powell claims she's been ordered with a cease and desist letter after her number tweets going after the rapper for a DNA test. 

Before Cardi B hopped on Twitter to defend her fiance saying "People are so miserable ??‍♀️they rather believe a lie just to talk about something ..you will soon thoo ?,"Celine and Offset engaged in some drama where he called her and "dummy" and "weirdo."

After seemingly not getting the reaction she wanted from her rapid fire tweets, now lawyers have gotten involved. 

Celine's latest tweet on the matter is: "I’m done talkin.they hired the best lawyer in New York to serve me with a cease & desist letter, I wrote back “suck my dick bitch have him do a dna test” i haven’t heard 1 WORD BACK.If they have so much money y can’t they jus get the security footage from the hotel or do the dna?"

It's still unclear whether Offset will take a DNA test or if he's going to be ordered too. Keep it locked on the site for updates.