Cedric Gervais Plays in a Paper City For Crafty ‘Get That Bag’ Exclusive


Some nine years after his breakout hit "Molly," Cedric Gervais bangs a darker house beat with a nod to his fan favorite. "Get That Bag" is part humorous riff, part club buster with a hella serious half-time breakdown that sneaks a little vocal nod to "Molly" around the 1:25 mark. It's got a g-house lean to it that'll bang in your car stereo if you let it, and the music video gets real crafty with some origami-inspired stop animation. 

The clip takes us to an anonymous Chinatown, as a bank robber with cops in hot persuit drops "that bag" off in a racey sports car, while the getaway driver jukes money-hungry grabbing hands along the way. The funky vibe fits with the song's cheeky nature, with direction from paper animator Stefano Bertelli and assistance from Riccardo Orlandi of seenfilm studios.

"I’ve been writing a lot of upfront house music recently and decided to work on a quirky electro track in a similar vein to my earlier track ‘Molly,’" Gervais tells Billboard Dance. "We played with the phrase ‘Get That Bag' and discovered this incredible Italian animator Stefano Bertelli who was able to bring the song to life with this insane paper animated video."

"Get That Bag" is out everywhere today on Delecta Records, but Billboard Dance has the exclusive on the music video.

Jump into this paper-driven world below, and don't trusy anyone to hold your cash.