Cautious Clay Releases Dreamy ‘Sidewinder’ Premiere


Back in March, emerging singer Cautious Clay returned with his soulful Table of Context EP to explore the balancing act of his "relationship between purpose and happiness" in life. Less than three months later, the Brooklyn-based artist premieres the hazy visual to project standout "Sidewinder" Billboard on Tuesday (June 18). 

In the Haoyan of America-directed flick, Clay allows his mind to drift away until he's trapped inside a dream. He implements peculiar use of symbolism with a lighter and snake, which represent the opposite ends of the spectrum as far as what he's chasing and avoiding in his life at the moment. 

"I wanted the visual to be simple and it to almost feel like a dream sequence of when you are distracted thinking about something," CC tells Billboard over email. "The snake and lighter represent that distraction or ‘back-and-forth’ kind of attitude towards a lot of things in life; sometimes the things we run away from end up being what we want most and visa versa."

Cautious Clay gets back on the road in late July for a few random Midwest shows before taking the Lollapalooza stage for the very first time to kick off day one of the festival on Aug. 1.

Watch the "Sidewinder" video below.