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Dylan Montayne "Pecos Purp" Official Video

Singer, rapper, and producer Dylan Montayne releases “Pecos Purp” video directed by Dylan Faut with production by Shane Doe. This modern ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ tale begins with a couple on a crime spree run and frolicking in

Dax Releases Video For "Self Proclaimed 2"

24-year old music artist, Dax, releases visuals for “Self-Proclaimed 2.” Dax decants his heart and core out on this track, forcing the industry to acknowledge his ‘self-proclaimed’ status and success.  He entices listeners in with his self-reflective,

Xiuhtezcatl x Jaden Smith Declare A "Boombox Warfare"

Rising Hip-Hop artist Xiuhtezcatl links up with Jaden Smith for a prolific new single titled “Boombox Warfare.” The duo delivers a powerful surge set to empower and move our youth. The track is brimming with thought provocative


      OhmField is a staple on our Top submissions and his new entry “Habitual Cold” once again shows how versatile this producer can bee. The layered textures have a range of emotions from solemn to

Nakala shares the "First Time" with us

  Breakthrough South Coast based singer-songwriter Nakala spins a compelling personal narrative on every track that her honeyed voice graces. Dreamy synth-work and tight drums are her forté, with her signature amorous vibe setting her at the forefront of

DALEE returns on an explosive "Supernova"

      DALEE in on! The arabic-german R’n’B singer releases her debut Single on April fifth through Aimend. Her soulful energetic opening track promises our R’n’B Charts a new ladyship! The name of DALEE’s new single

Top 10 submissions Episode 1 April 2019

We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high-quality

TADASHI has a soulful "Renewal" plan for us all

TADASHI‘s newest release “Renewal”  is a gripping, somewhat cinematic record that cuts across the spectrum of emotions. Using hard-hitting drums stabs and futuristic synths, he creates something that captures the ears. It’s hard to box him in as

Dialek Dubai share the mysterious tale of the "Queens of The Motherland"

Underground emcee Dialek Dubai pops up on our radar with a gripping record titled “Queens of The Motherland”. Over a solemn, laid back backdrop he takes the listener through a journey of epic proportions. Armed with a commanding vocal

mindswimmer step baby steps forward on "backpedallin' "

The future jazz quartet Mindswimmer is back  in the fold with their new single titled “backpedallin’ “, The track has more of a gloomy, experimental feel and strays from the norm with its unusual arrangement. The verses sure help