Hip Hop Songs

MC Nelson's Jazzy Tune "Black Coffee"

Liverpool’s MC Nelson is back with another tantalizing track titled “Black Coffee.”  “Black Coffee” depicts a classic hypnotic jazz tune blaring from the local cafe or famed cornerstone. Nelson’s lyrics flow smoothly over the live jazz session

Dove Driver Featuring Mic Crenshaw "Underwood"

Dove Driver release new exhilarating instrumental “Underwood” featuring Mic Crenshaw. Teddy Presberg, guitarist/producer and multi-instrumental LeClare Stevenson deliver a vivid, instrumental masterpiece canvassed with thrilling jazz and funky rhythms that will have fingers tapping, hips shaking, and

Zirra Featuring Santi "In The Mood" Single

Zirra links up with Santi for leading new single titled “In the Mood”, off his forthcoming project. “In the Mood” is a feel good, summer island tune set to have listeners turning up under the sun. Zirra

UZiMatic Pays Homage To "Family"

UZiMatic releases “Family”, the leading single off his new EP “5Triple9.” The upcoming international artist credits “Family” as the realest record he’s written. He pays homage to his mother for carrying him for 9 months and his

Aaron Taos Is Drunk In "Denial"

Brooklyn native Aaron Taos releases “Denial” single off his new album “Birthday Boy.” The track begins with soulful instrumentals leading into compelling vocals about estranged love delivered by Taos. He describes being ‘drunk in denial’ by staying

MVTTHIAS Debuts Personal Track "Right Now"

Long Beach rapper and producer MVTTHIAS is back with another personal tale titled “Right Now.” The young rapper is known for his explicit, yet relatable storytelling and “Right Now” is no exception. MVTTHIAS invites listeners into his

Amber Gomaa Lights Up "Mascara"

Amber Gomaa releases “Mascara” the second release off her 5-song series titled “MMXIM.” The brazen vocalist touches on social media and its false reality consumed by the masses. She uses mascara throughout the song with fitting metaphors

N/A Debuts "Hobo Cologne" Single

N/A, rapper with Toronto group The Baker’s Dozen, debuts “Hobo Cologne” single. N/A utilizes cut throat lyrics to express his struggles and tenacious march in the music industry. Keen to naysayers and non-believers, he continues to invest

Tech N9ne Stankbombs Everyone with “Like I Ain’t” Video Drop

  Three days ago, Tech N9ne aka Techa Nina dropped a bomb off of his thirteenth studio album, N9na, and it landed on all of our stankfaces. “Like I Ain’t,” a music video that turned into a

Danny Matos is all about the "People".

Danny Matos newest single “People” is a thought-provoking record that looks at humanity from several lenses. Once again, he teams up with producer Rusty Mack who laces a solemn, reflective soundscape that hits the soul while Danny addresses many