Hip Hop Songs

Pat G Joins The "Justice League"

Lyrical super-hero Pat G  releases a new track for Hip Hop and comic connoisseurs titled “Justice League.”  The elite Texas rapper fuses together his love for Hip Hop and the ‘Justice League” realm. G does this effortlessly

Nuela Charles "Long Way Down" Video

Neo-Soul artist Nuela Charles releases visuals for “Long Way Down” single. The Canadian vocalist delivers a cinematic tale about dangerous games played, bad decisions, and the costly consequences. The video captures thrilling impulses that depict a world

Michael Laroy "Back to My Ways" Ft. Venus Amor

Rising artist Michael Laroy links with songstress Venus Amor in “Back to My Ways” single. The Texas artist unleashes the softer side of himself in a melodic rap with  R&B undertones. Laroy confesses his visions for a

Moshun drops new soothing instrumental "Crystal Dew"

Chi-town based producer Moshun‘s new instrumental “Crystal Dew” help switch things up a bit this week as he delivers a mind gripping beat that sounds like something from another planet. While the drum groove is laid back,

Dyzzi from DivSel and ameriKKKen reminisce on their youth on "KidsBackThen"

Dyzzi from DivSel (formerly Dyzzi, 90s Dyzzi, and Dyzzi P) is the founder of the Midwest street collective, DivSel (meaning Diverse Selection), and has been fetaured on TWIB more than a couple of times. His style mixes

Listen to the story of Scienze and "The Waitress"

Brooklyn rapper Scienze starts off this week with a love-laden single titled “The Waitress”. Teaming up with producer Lord Quest who laces him with a soothing, laid-back soundscape, Scienze goes into full story mode as he details a

Top 10 instrumental submissions Ep 3 June, 2019

It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding

Jung Youth wants to stay youthful on "Don't Wanna Grow Up"

We are all very familiar with the term “Adulting” and quickly came to the realization that it’s so not for the faint-hearted. Nashville-based performance artist Jung Youth shares his thoughts on the matter by reflecting on how

Loux builds from the "Ground Up (Live version)"

Luther Lamarr Acheampong aka Loux makes his debut on TWIB with the live version of his vibrant single entitled “Ground Up”. The North London emcee blends jazz-infused sounds with traditional hip-hop elements. His flow is fiery and

Leeroy Jelks clears the storm on "Abate"

LA-based hip-hop act Leeroy Jelks shares his new track titled “Abate” which displays the emcee’s dynamic flow and witty lyrics. The track was produced by Solrakmi who laces him with a mellow, solemn texture that helps accentuate