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Hip-Hop Always has the Courage for Freedom

Axel Rosa and OhKG of Labeled Minority stopped by the show last week to talk about the fundraising concert they are part of. Courage for Freedom is dedicated to raising awareness of human trafficking and sexual exploitation while helping

Listen to Pawz One & John Henry's 'It's Not That Simple' EP

Los Angeles natives Pawz One & John Henry team up for an 8 track project ‘It’s Not That Simple’ EP. The project is produced entirely by John Henry while Pawz One comes through with a brand new

Book Review: Ewen Spencer's "Open Mic" Documents the Early UK Grime Scene

My copy of Ewen Spencer’s 2005 Open Mic, a photo book of his work documenting the UK grime scene in the early 2000s, arrived in the mail today. After I cut through the heavy bands of black

Joya Mooi shares a relatable story on "Old Suit"

Amsterdam-born singer/songwriter Joya Mooi shares her new soulful record “Old Suit” with us. Backed by a solemn backdrop courtesy of producer Sim Fane, Mooi tells a classic South African story about love, infidelity, revenge and how it

Empara Mi delivers stunning visuals for her single " Ditch"

Singer/songwriter Empara Mi has taken her destiny into her hands on the cinematic release titled “Ditch”. The record is built off an operatic vocal sample with gripping string instruments which adds a classic touch to her commanding

Obi Khan wades through the dark "Brown Water"

Obi Khan delivers another grimy track in the form of this new release titled “Brown Water”. Over a dark, cinematic backdrop courtesy of Thanos Beats, Khan takes the listener deep into his thoughts. He details the types

Top 10 instrumental submissions Ep 3 July, 2019

It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding

Kianja expresses her deepest emotions on "There's Nothing More"

Multi-talented British singer Kianja returns to our pages with a brand new record titled “There’s Nothing More” which is her 3rd single released this year and serves as a precursor to her upcoming EP Glory. The heartfelt

Demi Day lifts up the spirits on "Be Like You"

  Demi Day aims to energize the spirit on her new song titled “Be Like You”. Backed by a soothing, reflective backdrop, she shares a story of an individual who is going through hard times but with

Malik Moses delivers sultry vibes on "MArvin Gaye"

Rising singer/rapper/songwriter Malik Moses shares his new song with us titled “Marvin Gaye”. The track is a sultry track that sees him dwell on a one on one session with his lady. Backed by a smooth soulful