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Sareem Poems x Ess Be x Sean C. Johnson are "Way Up There"

As a lead in to their next Illect Recordings album release, Sareem Poems & Ess Be collaborate with Sean C. Johnson on “Way Up There”. Sareem shares, “Way Up There is a song about not allowing anything

Kendrick Lamar & TDE – Black Panther The Album (Album Review)

The latest hip-hop based movie soundtrack has lty expectations to meet. Fortunately, Kendrick Lamar and TDE deliver the goods with Black Panther the Album.  Black Panther the Album is something the culture has not seen in quite

Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre collide on The Damn Chronic

What do you get when you blend together two Compton legends? DJ Critical Hype has the answer with The Damn. Chronic DJ Critical Hype is back with a brand new mashup legendary proportions. Kendrick Lamar and Dr.

WIB Interviews Murs (Exclusive)

I had the pleasure sitting down with the west coast legend Murs ahead the release his latest album entitled A Strange Journey Into The Unimaginable. We discussed everything from the new album, superhero pool parties, his hip-hop

TOP 5 SUBMISSIONS FOR THE WEEK (06/3rd to 06/9th)

We are back for 2017 with the Top 5 Submissions. For those who don’t know, this is a weekly segment where we highlight some gems that we were unable to deliver due to the high volume submissions.

Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, Soul – The Delbert Anderson Trio on the fast track

“Funky” “Poetic” “Complex” “Forward Thinking” “Outside the Box” “Bad Mothers” The Delbert Anderson Trio has been described using those words by national media for good reason. Blending Def-i‘s intelligent and poetic words and hip hop style with

A Tribute To J Dilla and Nujabes

The 7th February is an important day for hip-hop. In 1974 J Dilla was born in Detroit, United States, whilst on the same day and the same year Nujabes was born in Tokyo, Japan. Who could have

Top 10 Wu-Tang Clan Affiliates

Wu-Tang Clan is perhaps the most influential hip-hop group ever, I really can’t name another group that has such a large/cult following in the history rap. Besides having a world wide (I mean spanning possibly all the

Killuminati – Tupac's Dumbest Conspiracy Theory

2Pac’s death is the subject much debate, so much so it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. One amusing development is the widespread belief that 2Pac was a victim The Illuminati. The theory goes that