Hip Hop Songs

Datta Boy channels the spirit of MJ on "Dirty Diana"

Culver City Rapper Datta Boy and IG Model Jay Kay have come together to make the late great Michael Jackson song “Dirty Diana’ come alive to a modern light. What Michael Jackson talks about in the song,

Hill Harris urges the world on "Watch Me"

Ohio based emcee Hill Harris is back with a vibrant record calls “Watch Me”. The energetic rapper pulls out the big guns on this single as he delivers an anthemic styled performance. Over a cinematic backdrop, he

Ayentee shares some poignant lessons from the mind of a "Workaholic"

We can all relate to the pros and cons of being a workhalic. The emotional and physical trauma it brings is something we sometimes ignore for the worst. On the other hand, lyricist Ayentee shows us a

New Visuals "We Still Have a Dream" by Sonny King and Pietro of Music For Love

Sonny King and Pietro are artists with the organization Music for Love.  The organization was developed to spread awareness on charity projects, help people in need, and to support communities in different countries around the world. Sonny and Pietro

Tieran brings a whole new meaning to the word motivate in his new video "Be About It"

Columbus hip-hop artist Tieran has always been pushing the envelope for his non-conformist style of hip-hop.  On his newest song/video titled “Be About It”. He goes the route of self-motivation a completely different manner of approach. His style is

TOP 10 SUBMISSIONS for last week of August 2018

We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high-quality

Atreesto delivers some soothing vibes on his new instrumental "Petals"

Las Vegas-based Hip-hop producer Atreesto returns with a solid beat single he calls “Petals”.  Just as the title suggests, the instrumental has a certain softness and rich vibe that really gets the listener drawn to it. He plays around with

MAXINE debuts her soulful single "Losing Control"

Up and coming singer Maxine drops her debut record “Losing Control”. An upbeat track that showcases a raw, edgy vocal performance from the singer. Her soothing vocals engulf the progressive production and add a personal touch to

Daisydead & Jeremy Fisher share their personal journey through the "scary forest"

The duo of Daisydead & Jeremy Fisher delivers an offbeat/experimental single titled “scary forest”. It’s quite far from the norm and showcases the duo’s expressive vocal styles and unorthodox instrumentation/arrangements. The duo gave us a very interesting quote about

Brian J shares his innermost emotions on his heartfelt single titled "Cancer Song"

The avant-garde artist who goes by the moniker Brian J (real names Brian Roberts) delivers a heartfelt single titled “Cancer Song”. He takes the listener deep into his personal space over a sombre piano riff and talks about his