Carrie Underwood Puts On Awe-Inspiring, Fan-Loving Show at CMA Fest 2018


The singer’s 8-song set marked her biggest since her fall last November.

All eyes have been on Carrie Underwood in recent months as she has been making a gradual return to the stage since she suffered a serious face injury last November. But while attention has been focused on her face, Underwood's 2018 CMA Fest performance reminded the world why she's really the talk country music: she's a bona fide superstar.

Underwood returned to Nashville's Nissan Stadium Friday night (June 8) to deliver a powerhouse set featuring some her most dynamic hits, irresistible energy and even a shameless “mom joke.” Wearing a sequined iridescent green romper, Underwood was clearly thrilled to be back on the CMA Fest stage, beaming throughout the entire 35-minute set and going for every high note possible.

“We are so glad to be here this evening and even more glad you guys are here this evening,” Underwood told the sold-out crowd after opening with “Church Bells.” “Let’s keep this party going, shall we?”

She did just that, continuing with a roaring rendition her “Last Name” and then diving right into her latest powerhouse single “Cry Pretty.” Sporting her now-signature glitter tears, Underwood said with a smile, “I'm seeing a lot glitter tears wandering around this week.”

Though talk about her injury (and the 40 stitches she needed after her fall) has dwindled as late, Underwood wasn't afraid to get up-close-and-personal with the fans in the front row as she performed her 2007 hit “Wasted.” While her vocals were stunning, it was clear Underwood didn't want to just show up to sing: she touched every hand she could, gushed over CMA Fest multiple times and even made a couple wise cracks.

Before “Dirty Laundry,” Underwood joked, “We might need to change the words to 'Sweaty Laundry.' I know I do… mom joke.”

Her genuineness shined the way her voice did, making Underwood as easy to love as she is to watch on stage. Dancing her way through “Blown Away” and engaging with fans once more during closer “Before He Cheats,” Underwood left fans with a message that was fairly mom-like — but showed just how real the love for her fans really is.

“Be safe, drink water, wear sunscreen,” she said, “And love each other.”

Carrie's 2018 CMA Fest Set List

“Church Bells”
“Last Name”
“Cry Pretty”
“Undo It”
“Dirty Laundry” 
“Blown Away”
“Before He Cheats”