Caroline Vreeland Hosts the Party Of the Year in ‘Stay Drunk With Me’ Visual: Exclusive


Pop singer-songwriter and accomplished fashion tastemaker Caroline Vreeland keeps the revelry coming in the visual for her new darkly seductive single “Stay Drunk With Me,” premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Oct. 31).

Along with director Emanuelle Pickett, Vreeland exacts her skillful eye for elaborate staging and set design in a shoot that blurs the line between extravagance and style. Despite the flashy and regal visual aesthetic, there’s a lingering sinister edge that cuts at the fringe of each frame and hints at the song’s more somber lyrics.

“It’s a little bit heavy for me that I’m putting out a body of work that’s addressing how much I drink…I had this whole feeling about Bacchus, and I thought about who Bacchus is to me,” Vreeland tells Billboard. “I would sit at home in Miami — where I had moved for my man — and I felt very alone. My wine was my only ally.”

Though the song was wrung from a place of heartbreak, the visual suggests Vreeland has emerged from the experience empowered and in control. It doesn’t hurt that the singer is confidently holding court with every guest appearing to hang on her every word and gesture, and she swaggers through the halls of the lux Los Angeles villa that was once home to the likes of Cher and Marilyn Monroe with a generational presence that attests to her lineage to acclaimed Vogue editor Diana Vreeland. 

Reflecting on the parallels between the song’s lyrics and the video, she adds, “‘Stay Drunk With Me’ is the concept of ‘okay, we’re going to start drinking at lunch and keep going — stay drunk with me, stay up with me, stay with me.’”

As Vreeland commands the scene with the unequivocal power and conviction that she wields, there’s no choice but to join the party. 

“Stay Drunk With Me” is set to be included on Vreeland’s upcoming debut album Notes on Sex and Wine, slated for 2020. 

Check out the visual for “Stay Drunk With Me” below.