Carnage Raises Money for Immigrants, Tells His Family’s Story in ‘Letting People Go’: Watch


"In 2018, 521,090 people were apprehended tying to enter the United States at the Mexican border" — those stats open Carnage's music video for "Letting People Go," his latest single since embracing a new, more personal creative direction. 

The Guatamalan-American took a four-month professional hiatus in 2018, inspired mainly by the fatal struggles against depression and substance abuse of his friends and fellow musicians Avicii and Mac Miller. Carnage detailed the decision in an op-ed published  Billboard in March. During his time off, he re-evaluated the story and message his music conveyed, and today, he seeks to share his family's story of illegal immigration into the United States. With "Letting People Go," he relates how his family traveled from Nicaragua through Guatamala and entered the U.S. the Mexican border, and he hopes to inspire fellow immigrants to believe anything is possible.

“Moving forward I want to connect with my fans in a way I never have before," Carnage wrote in the op-ed. "I used to be scared and embarrassed to tell my story. Now I am proud of it and I want you to know it. My mother left Nicaragua, traveled through Mexico, and crossed the Rio Grande into America as an illegal immigrant to create a better life for me. I came to this country speaking little to no English. In this crazy world we all live in now I am embracing this – I am a proud immigrant… I am going to use my platform to be a better role model and help all immigrants like me achieve success… We are going to stand up to the shit that’s going on in this country and make a difference together.”

To further this mission, Carnage has signed as an ambassador for the Raices Foundation. The nonprofit provides free and low-cost legal aid to underserved immigrant children, families and refugees. A portion of the steaming and sales profits from "Letting People Go" will be donated to Raices, though fans can support the cause by donating to Raices directly online.

"Letting People Go" is Carange's first official release since returning from hiatus. Watch the music video below.