Carmelo Anthony & Nets Players Have Reportedly Worked Out Together


Carmelo Anthony’s struggles to get back into the NBA have been well documented over the last couple of weeks as the former star went on ESPN’s First Take and talked about what he thinks the core issue is. At this point, Melo thinks that his lack of an NBA contract runs deeper than the sport itself and that even Team USA rejected his services. Considering how good Anthony was in his prime, this is a sad state of affairs and fans are eager to see him back on an NBA court. If he were to give it one more year, he would most likely end up with a farewell tour but right now, it doesn’t seem like he is going to get one.

Perhaps there is some hope for Melo after all though, as according to Anthony Puccio and Ian Begley of SNY, the former Knick was spotted in Los Angeles working out with players on the Brooklyn Nets. In the report, it states these workouts were super informal and that he also participated in some scrimmages, which means Melo has been seeing some on-the-court actions.

Carmelo Anthony & Nets Players Have Reportedly Worked Out Together

Harry How/Getty Images

There isn’t too much reason to get excited just yet but if the former prolific scorer can find his way back into the NBA, this season is going to be even more exciting than originally believed.

Would you like to see Melo on the Nets or is this egregious turn of events considering his career with the Knicks?