Carlos Vives Scholarship Awards $200,000 for Study at Berklee College of Music


The Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation presented Nicolle Horbath with a 4-year scholarship starting in September.

The Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation has awarded the Carlos Vives Scholarship to Colombian-born Nicole Horbath, who begins attending classes at the Berklee College Music in September, where she'll start work on a bachelor's degree in music and songwriting.

“It is very difficult for Latin students to have access to important and valuable scholarships like this one,” Vives said. “I like the way Nicolle sees music. She gives it a universal appeal, fusing it with music from the rest the world, and I like her vision for folk music. Studying at Berklee will enrich all these qualities. Bringing so much joy to a person and their family is beautiful.”

Horbath, 21, competed among a highly competitive pool applicants from the U.S. and the Iberian Peninsula. More than 100 scholarships totaling  $2.7 million have been provided by the Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation.

“Our scholarships help students with economic difficulties, who cannot finance their education, attend some the most recognized universities in the world,” said Gabriel Abaroa, Jr., president/CEO the Latin Recording Academy. “We are pleased to grant our fourth Prodigy Scholarship, known as the Carlos Vives Scholarship, to Nicolle Horbath, whose excellent talent stood out.”

For Horbath, the scholarship puts her one step closer to achieving her dreams.

“The appreciation I feel towards the Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation and Carlos Vives is indescribable,” Horbath said. “This has always been a dream for me and it feels incredible knowing that it is now my reality. I promise to always be a good role model for young musicians and to make Colombia proud.”

Berklee President Roger H. Brown said the scholarship provides opportunities for students to expand their knowledge as they establish careers in music.

“Nicolle Horbath … was introduced to us through the Berklee Latino program where she won a scholarship to our vocal summit summer program at our Boston campus,” Brown said. “Vives’ support Horbath gives her the opportunity to study with pressors and students from all over the world and join a new generation interconnected musicians with bold sounds and visions.”

Previous Prodigy Scholarship recipients include saxophonist Silna Itzel Salinas-Reyna sponsored by Enrique Iglesias, self-taught pianist Jesús Molina-Acosta sponsored by Juan Luis Guerra and bassist Ernesto Nuñez, who was sponsored by Miguel Bosé.

See Vives perform with the students at the Berklee College Music here: