Cardi B's Alleged Beatdown Victim Instigated His Own Attack: "Please Beat Me Up"


So many beautiful moments came from the Met Gala last night such as 2 Chainz’ proposal and the numerous jaw-dropping fashion get-ups. Among the beauty was some tragedy as a fan Cardi B and Offset got pummeled by the couple’s security when he was just looking for an autograph. A new video has surfaced  TMZ that hears a fan (said to be Giovanni Arnold) getting pissed that he didn’t get an autograph from Cardi. Offset then walks by telling Giovanni to “shut up before a n***a beat you out here.”

Giovanni didn’t back down, telling Offset to think about his money and how it won’t last forever, adding: “Please beat me up! Be a fool, man.” All a sudden a crew corners the fan and goes in on him, stomping, kicking and punching him before Cardi and Offset’s SUV speeds f. Offset was not one the men who jumped him, but Giovanni clearly had a plan in mind as the publication says he yelled at their security guard saying: “I’ll take all your money.”

You can see some photos Giovanni’s bruises here that will most definitely be used in police filings he goes forwad with with against the couple. As we posted before, the police are investigating the incident as a misdemeanor assault and are not looking to talk to Cardi and Offset.