Cardi B Will Design Her Own Clothing Line With Fashion Nova


Before Cardi B was ever known for her rapping, she was known, in part, for her stripper-chic fashion sense. Now that Cardi is a world famous rapper and talk show host, she’ll have the chance to share her fashion sense with her fans.

Cardi took to Instagram last night to announce that she’ll be designing a fall clothing line in collaboration with Fashion Nova, a top online retailer for women’s clothing. The video, in which Cardi is playfully interrupted by a kid f camera, has her explain more details. She says that Fashion Nova are “the greatest people” and are providing good quality material for her fall collection. 

Cardi goes on to state that she’s very excited to see women dressed beautiful, and very fashionably. 

Cardi B’s has had a volcanic come up since her days making Instagram videos, and that success has afforded her plenty new opportunities. However, this new collaboration with Fashion Nova might hold a special place in her heart, as it wasn’t too long ago that she was being rejected to work with fashion designers.

In an interview we did with Cardi last April, she stated that, “A lot designers, yes, they did told me no, they didn’t really wanna work with me, and I said to myself, you know what I’m gunna buy they pieces until they wanna work with me, and on top that, I’m gunna show them lil bitch could rock they shit.”

It’s a pretty safe bet that a lot those same designers are probably regretting their decisions now.