Cardi B Vents About Kash Doll Allegations


Cardi B is tired the gossip. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper took to Twitter to voice her frustration over a series recent headlines.

“Is like Cardi B VS the World,” she wrote. “Everybody got a story to say about me Cardi this Cardi That all a sudden when a bitch good .Where was all this stories and bullshit at when i was on LHH or just IG famous making videos .Im telling ya when you up people try they best to put you down.

“And i never have to play victim i alway been a Gangsta I’m just sick and tired people saying some shit about me,” she added. “Where was all these problems and all this bullshit at when cardi was doing mixtapes and couldn’t get on the radio ?where ?where? Now Cardi this Cardi That ?GTFO .”

She went on to say that she would reveal some information soon. “Tired being humble ,tired being nice,Tired keeping shit to myself,” she added. “Im soon going to talk about everything I’m so sick and tired people shit and they bullshit.”

However, she later said she wouldn’t be social anymore. “You know what ?Im not going to let motherfuckers drive me crazy will love it if i a was bum or lose everything tomorrow,” she continued. “Imma just eat ,go to the studio and post my looks and my music .Im done been social.People don’t deserve real ni**as.”

The reason for her ire is unclear. However, Cardi’s rant follows a $10 million lawsuit from her former manager. It also arrives on the heels Kash Doll allegations. The burgeoning rapper recently took to Instagram to say that Bardi and YG took her f “She Bad,” which landed on Invasion Privacy.

Doll said she wasn’t bothered by her exclusion, but by the fact that she couldn’t share the original version on SoundCloud. “They blocked it so I can’t put it up,” she said. “That’s what happened.”

Cardi also voiced her displeasure with fake videos online. “That’s me as you can see my tufts is big and I’m tatted,” she said a clip from her stripping days. “That video with the bitch putting a beer on her vagina is not .I was a stripper and I’m not ashame but don’t go around spreading fake shit about me.”

  • Cardi B Vents About Kash Doll Allegations