Cardi B Tops Best New York Rappers List Shared By Rich The Kid


There are so many things that we can say about this list. The person who created it was likely just trying to stir up some debate because… well… it’s pretty horrendous. A few things about this New York Top 40 Rappers ranking stand out to us but we’re sure all of those things are clear to you as well. Shared by Rich The Kid, the exact origins of this post are currently undetermined. However, RTK was pleased to see himself near the top of the chart, despite claiming Atlanta as his home when it’s convenient. Let’s discuss this quickly.

Cardi B Tops Best New York Rappers List Shared By Rich The Kid
Brian Ach/Getty Images

For starters, Cardi B is placed at the absolute pole position. It’s pretty egregious that she’s in front of Jay-Z, who embodies all that there is to know about NYC. We’ll just ignore that though. Then, Rich The Kid, French Montana and Nicki Minaj grace the page. At the No. 7 spot is Lil Tjay, who has only been making waves for the last year. Without taking anything away from the rising star, the fact that he’s ranked so high here should tell you something about the creator of this list. Also, Lil Tecca is ranked higher than A$AP Rocky. Bruh…

There are so many things wrong with this but Rich The Kid seems content with his placement. “Im honored 😎 🗽 Top 5 out of New York ??? I’m coming back to take MY CITY Who’s missing,” asked the rapper. To answer his question, a lot of people are missing. A lot of people… Have fun in the comments.