Cardi B Told Herself She Wouldn’t Date Rappers Before Marrying Offset


It’s hard to think of Cardi B and Offset dating any other industry act except each other but believe it or not, the “Be Careful” rapper wasn’t so into the Migos affiliate before she met him. In a resurfaced clip from Cardi B’s visit to Big Boy’s Neighborhood, the 26-year-old explained how she and Offset met and how he was chatting to her friend before he made his way over to her. 

Cardi B Told Herself She Wouldn't Date Rappers Before Marrying Offset
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

“We met in New York,” she told Big Boy. “It was an industry party they had. He was hitting up my homegirl Star…like asking about me. And I was just like…no.” Cardi then explained how she wasn’t into dating any rappers because of the stereotypes that come with dating them. “Is like ya’ll date too many girls and I’m the type of girl that catch feelings and out of any girl, what makes me think that you’re going to stay with me?”

As we know, something must have changed Cardi’s train of thought since she and Offset are now married and share a daughter together. “His demeanor and everything and the consistency…I was like….okay.”  

Offset and Cardi recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary and the Father of 4 rapper shared a loving note on their special day. “Today is our anniversary nobody believed it was real,” Offset wrote. “We got married without nobody knowing because it was only between us and God! Now we have beautiful Kulture and a big family. I love you 4ever and after life.