Cardi B Taken By Surprise As Offset Flies In Her Dominican Family


The Queen’s court assembled at a dinner celebrating her debut record Invasion Privacy, at a restaurant in the ‘Rotten Manzana.’ Cardi B was gushing over those in attendance, namely her extended family from the Dominican Republic who rarely if ever make the trip. Cardi sounded f on Instagram thanking her boo Offset for arranging the reunion without her knowledge. This act love language proves that Offset might have made up the ground he lost over the Celina rumors or the cheating stories which surfaced several months ago. Regardless the fact, it appears the love caucus has resumed its session just in time for Cardi’s coming out party. “Be Careful” was only a warning shot, the next one’s going for upper sternum.

Offset flew in Cardi’s niece, her cousin, her grandma, her grandfather from the Dominican Republic, a day after celebrating his 3 year-old daughter’s birthday with ‘Pony Princess’ streamers. The group ‘went in’ until the wee hours the morning, with Cardi opting for a beauty nap while the early SoundScan data came piling in. Offset was noticeably absent from the festivities, but I’m sure he’ll make up the ground once again. Such is the life a power couple.