Cardi B Slams ‘Disgusting’ Texas Students For Attacking Teacher With Metal Chair


DeSoto, TX – Cardi B came across a violent classroom video from a Texas middle school earlier this week and decided to use her platform to speak out on Thursday (March 10). The Bronx native reflected on her time going to school and how there was always a certain mutual respect between teachers and students to never get physical.

“Disgusting this generation is really lost,” the mother of two wrote. “I went to school wit a lot of gangstas and no matter what they never put their hands on a teacher …Kids this is not respected,not cool,not funny,not tough,not gangsta ….it’s giving y’all pussy.”

According to CBS11, the bloody incident took place at DeSoto West middle school on Wednesday (March 9) which resulted in classes being canceled on Friday (March 11).

The clip showcases kids hurling desk chairs at the substitute teacher, who had his head gashed and then the adult male returning fire by throwing chairs back at the screaming children.

Texas is one of the states reportedly suffering from a major teacher shortage, and incidents like this certainly won’t help the employment line.

“DeSoto ISD is intent on re-establishing a culture and climate that emphasizes safety, security, and educational excellence,” the DeSoto school district said in a statement.

As for other things Cardi B, she reportedly pulled out of a lead role in the upcoming blockbuster Paramount film titled Assisted Living just one week before the movie was scheduled to begin production in New York.