Cardi B Shares What She Loves Most About DJ Khaled: He’s A "Positive Person"


Cardi B has worked with DJ Khaled on her latest offering “Wish Wish” and previously “Dinero” with the likes of Jennifer Lopez. The mega-producer is known for his endless inspiration and positive reinforcements on how to secure the major keys to life. It’s for that reason that Cardi enjoys collaborating with him the most, and has shared the latter with her fans. 

Cardi B Shares What She Loves Most About DJ Khaled: He's A "Positive Person"
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

“On some personal shit lols what I like about DJKHALED is every time he talks to anybody he always say” bless up “ have a beautiful day “I hope you doing good” how’s the baby?”Its like a positive positive person like if all his chakras are balance😩and I love that,” she wrote on Twitter. 

“Being authentic always wins,” DJ Khaled previously told CNBC, when discussing his success. “When people see somebody that is just real, they love it. It ain’t no act. It ain’t no fake.”

“I think it would be genius if the CEOs got together,” he added. “I know everybody’s competitive, and everybody getting their money and doing what they have to do, but if they got together and made maybe a switch where we didn’t have to rip stuff off and put it and post it and find a way to break down the pie, (it would be great).”