Cardi B Says She’s Done with Interviews and Social Media


Cardi B is going off the handle…and the grid.

The rapper has threatened to stop doing press and delete her social media accounts following an interview gone awry. While promoting Netflix’s new hip-hop competition series “Rhythm + Flow” on Thursday, she was interviewed by “Access Hollywood,” who asked her how she juggles motherhood with her career. Kulture’s mom accused the entertainment news outlet of cutting up the interview for “clickbait” to make her look like a “deadbeat” mom.

“Five hours that I could be in the studio is five hours that I gotta spend with my kid because it’s like, ‘Yeah, it’s OK that your mom is gonna take care of her,'” she told the interviewer. “Everybody could take care of your kid. You got the money for somebody to take care of your kid. But when you come back from that work and your kid really don’t wanna spend time with you, they wanna hug your mom more than you, or they calling your mom ‘Mommy,’ that’s [expletive].”