Cardi B Returns To Court To Plead Not Guilty To New Strip Club Beatdown Charges


Cardi B‘s had a massive weekend but unfortunately, much of the discussion surrounding her name related to her recent indictment. She was indicted on fourteen charges which included 2 counts of felony attempted assault with intent to cause serious physical injury, misdemeanor reckless endangerment, assault, criminal solicitation, conspiracy, and harassment. According to TMZ, she appeared in court today where she pleaded not guilty the charges after her lawyer declined to have the judge read the charges out loud in court. The judge reportedly told her she’s being charged attempted assault in the 2nd degree, along with other charges. Two co-defendants were also arraigned and plead not guilty.

Cardi was initially charged with two misdemeanor charges for the alleged incident. However, Cardi later rejected a plea deal in the case. She was offered a conditional discharge if she pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge. After the deal with rejected, a grand jury handed her a 14-count indictment in the case. If Cardi’s convicted, she’s facing up to four years in prison. 

The “Press” rapper was initially arrested last October after the two alleged victims — sisters Jade and Baddie Gi — claimed Cardi B ordered an attack on her because the rapper thought Jade and Baddie Gi were sleeping with Offset. Apparently, Cardi was in the strip club they work at when the Migos were performing and she sent people to attack the girls with bottles, chairs, and a hookah.