Cardi B Reacts To Her Current Times Square Billboards: 'It's So Crazy For Me'


As a native New Yorker, Cardi B has strolled through and hung out in Times Square plenty times — and that's why seeing herself on one its famous billboards will always be a big deal for her.

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper may be spending more time in Atlanta these days as she's getting ready to deliver her baby girl, but her heart was in New York on Friday (June 29) when she shared some thoughts about frames from her eye-catching “I Like It” video making their way to the city's busiest intersection.

“It's so crazy for me to see me on a big ass screens in time square cause for 3 years after work i used to walk around with my girl smoke a blunt on our way to the train station just talking about our future,” she writes on Instagram. “Same streets i used to walk now I’m on the big screen.”

Check out Cardi's nostalgic post below.