Cardi B Poses In Tiny Bra While Showing Off Her Flowers


This weekend, Cardi B was all about showing the world all the recent work she’s gotten done on her body. After giving birth to baby Kulture, the rapper admitted that she had gotten liposuction to target specific areas on her body. She also copped up to getting another boob job to get everything back to how it was before she had a baby. These days, Cardi is looking better than ever. Her doctor ordered her not to go too hard while performing but she’s been doing the opposite. Last week, the star travelled between so many different cities, hitting New York, Miami, Los Angeles and a few others in the span of a few days. She had time to celebrate Mother’s Day though, showing off all the elaborate bouquets she received in her room.

The “Bodak Yellow” songstress posed in front of all the flowers Offset bought her for Mother’s Day, upping the sex appeal by donning a miniature bra. With her shiny red pants, Bardi showed off her augmented bust in a tiny black bra, nearly popping out of the undergarment. 

Cardi B continues to assert her dominance and despite her infrequent music release schedule, she’s very clearly on top of the game at the moment. Do you think she’s here to stay or will she disappear in a few years?