Cardi B, Meet Cardi E: Ellen DeGeneres Goes Full-On ‘Hustlers’ For Halloween Show


The real Cardi also showed up.

It's good to see people pull out all of the stops for Halloween — and this year, Ellen DeGeneres put it all out there, okurrr?

During her Halloween show on Thursday (Oct. 31), Ellen emerged dressed as "Cardi E" (it stood for Ellen, "and it's also my bra size" she said), complete with long blonde hair, a gigantic breastplate and some…questionable attempts at twerking.

More specifically, Ellen said she was inspired by Cardi B's character Diamond in the film Hustlers, and found an interesting comparison between her and the rapper. "She was a stripper in real life before she went into music," she said. "And that is a coincidence, because before I was a comedian, I was also a stripper…I was stripping paint from houses."

As she continued her monologue, the real Cardi B emerged from backstage to help the host with her new look. She first congratulated her on her fake breasts, telling the host, "I like that yours are softer than mine. I should be mad at my doctor."

She had some notes for the host, though, giving her an up-close and personal lesson in twerking, where she taught "Cardi E" to slow it down a little bit. After seeing the improvements, the real Cardi offered to "buy a lap dance from you," leading to Ellen obliging. "I need $20!" Cardi exclaimed to the audience after receiving her dance. 

Check out the full clip of Ellen and Cardi below: