Cardi B: How Well Do You Know Her Lyrics?


This week, Billboard’s “Finish the Hit” show is putting New Yorkers to the test when it comes to the songs Bronx native Cardi B. How well do people know the words to some her biggest hits? Host Taylor Ortega went to Times Square to find out.

Kicking f with “I Like It,” Cardi’s collaboration with Bad Bunny and J Balvin, contestants are asked to finish the line “Oh I need the dollars, cha-ching / Beat it up like…” The correct response there would be “piñatas,” but one girl opts for a rhyming answer with “bling bling bling.”

Another participant is asked to finish the line “Tell the driver, close the curtains / Bad bitch make you,” and one person answers the correct word, which is “nervous.” How does that lyric stick so easily? “She makes everybody nervous, she’s Cardi B!”

Moving on to Bruno Mars’ “Finesse” remix that he recruited Cardi for, Ortega seeks the rest the lyrics for the line “Drop top Porsche, Rollie on my wrist / Diamonds.” Cardi, course, raps “up and down my chain,” but two girls suggest bra, shirt and tits as potential answers. Another person, meanwhile, suggests, “this fine ass bish.”

Finally, people are given some lyrics from “Bartier Cardi.” Asked what comes after “Your bitch wanna party with Cardi / Cartier Bardi,” some responses include “Lamborghini” and “farted.”

While quizzing a group guys who ace their challenge, Ortega asks what they think the rapper should name her baby, which is met with the clever response “Cardi C.”

Watch the full video above to test your own Cardi lyric knowledge.