Cardi B Has To Explain Explicit Bars On "New Lyrics for Old People"


Rapping husband and wife duo Offset and Cardi B‘s collaboration “Clout” quickly became a hit, but not everyone has a firm grasp on what the pair are spitting bars about. The track is featured on Offset’s debut solo record Father of 4, a project that showed the Migos rapper could stand on his own. 

While “old heads” are often the targets of criticisms over their objections of new artists and music, Jimmy Kimmel is hoping that he can bridge the gap between old school and new school. Offset and Cardi were guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and thanks to another edition of  New Lyrics for Old People, everyone has a better insight into what Offset and Cardi were saying.

“Straight out the streets to a penthouse, Miami Beach, yayo,” the rapper said to which Kimmel translated, “I came from humble beginnings and now I own a condominium in Florida…yayo.” Then Offset rapped, “Swapping out cars with my b*tch, I bought her the Lambo she bought me the Wraith.” Cardi said, “That’s me,” while pointing to herself and smiling. Kimmel translated, “That means, uh, his wife and I exchanged cars and jewelry, is that correct?” Cardi enthusiastically nodded.

The next line was, “Get the wealth, put it up for my seeds, no cure for the IG disease.” Kimmel said, “Seeds are kids, right. So, I’m saving my money for my children and I love Instagram. A lot.” Cardi got a few lines in of her own. “I say, ‘Whole lotta people need to hear this, it’s a lotta names on my hit list.” Kimmel said, “Ok, that means everyone listen closely because I’m upset with a lot of you.” 

Things got a tad awkward when she spit her rhyme, “P*ssy still wet like a big b*tch.” Unfortunately, Kimmel didn’t translate that one correctly so Cardi had to divvy up an explanation. Check out the enter translation experience below.