Cardi B Got "Attacked" By a Cheetah [VIDEO]


Cardi B Got "Attacked" By a Cheetah VIDEO]

Legendary actor W.C. Fields once said, "Never work with animals or children."

Cardi B got a taste that trope on the set her "Bodak Yellow" video.

In the video, there's a camel and a cheetah. Cardi had her issues with both animals.

Picture Perfect directed the visuals. In a behind the scenes look at the shoot he revealed the cheetah tried to attack Cardi.

Jump to the 1:50 mark the video to see the big cat snarl at Cardi.

Cardi wasn't feeling the camel in the vid either.

Perhaps these experience are why Cardi isn't too worried about the Crip-threats that await her next week in Los Angeles.

Cardi B Got "Attacked" By a Cheetah VIDEO]