Cardi B Details Sexting Habits With Offset & Shuts Down Cheating Accusations


There’s one thing you can count on when it comes to Cardi B‘s social activity. She’s going to keep it real all the time. The superstar has been critical of how people react to her posts, saying that she just wants to be her regular self online but people around her are making that difficult. Much of the reason why we love Cardi B so much is the fact that she’s one of the most authentic artists in the entire world. She doesn’t seem to have allowed fame to get to her head, keeping the same personality that made her shine so brightly on Love & Hip Hop. She got a little NSFW when she decided to post a photo of her husband Offset, writing in the caption that she wants to “lick him the fuck up.” When somebody commented that he’s already in the process of being “licked up” by another woman, Bardi let her know that she had just gotten off the phone with him and ensured that he was keeping it clean.

One commenter told Cardi that her husband was off cheating on her which, if we’re being honest, wouldn’t be entirely surprising given his tainted track record. However, the female rapper set them straight by detailing what she had just done with him on the phone, even though it may not have been the most media-friendly response. “Naaaaa,” she wrote. “I was just on FaceTime with him playing with my pussy.” Once again, the queen of TMI strikes.

Offset and Cardi B have had problems in the past because of infidelity, spending a few weeks apart during the winter. When they realized they couldn’t stay apart for that long, the two chose to reconcile for the sake of their family, reuniting before the Migos rapper dropped his solo debut.