Cardi B Delivers While Pregnant at Hot 97’s Summer Jam


The Queen of the Bronx has done it again. This past weekend at Hot 97’s Summer Jam festival, Atlanta rap group The Migos brought out Cardi B in New York City to perform her verse for their single “Type Sh*t,” featured on the hip hop trio’s fourth studio album.

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This would be the second time that Cardi has proven that her grind doesn’t stop with her career because she is expecting. Cardi is currently pregnant with Offset’s second child.

“Watch when I push out this baby wait 6 months go to Colombia get a lipo, breast reduction, learn how to pole dance again, learn how to play spade and get my political science degree and pop out with my album …Yeup Yeup he going to wrong muahaha,” the rapper previously stated in regards to her continuous grind.


Shout out to Cardi B for getting to the shmoney despite the critics who believe the rapper would allow her pregnancy to slow her down. Check out the video of Cardi being brought out on the Summer Jam stage below.