Cardi B Declares ‘I’m a Motherf—ing Vibe, Unforgettable, Unexplainable’ in Fiery Video Clip


Cardi B casually dropped a heated speech on social media to dismiss the "bitches" who have tried to bring her down -- from the days of stripping to headlining shows.

"When I was a stripper with crooked teeth, n----- didn't give a fuck," she began in a video posted on social media Saturday night  (Aug. 31). "They used to fall in love with me. Bitches will be like, 'Oh my god, why her? She's a fucking stripper. She's so ratchet."

In the clip, which she captioned "Just a vibe," Cardi said that things stayed the same "even when I got with Offset."

She then advocated for herself: "I'm a motherfucking vibe. Unforgettable, unexplainable. I'm really like that homie that n----- like to talk to, laugh with ... with good pussy."

"Ya'll bitches be cute, but ya'll just ain't that vibe," she added.

"You been with Offset since 2017 and you still calling him offset," wrote one follower in reply to her tweet.

"What am I supposed to call him," the rapper, who's set to headline Made in America's Saturday night lineup in Philadelphia, shot back.

Watch Cardi's video below.