Cardi B Debuts New Blonde Hair, Says Brunettes "F*ck Better"


While Cardi B is out here defending her name when it comes to Nicki Minaj, cancelling lawsuits, and caressing her man she still has time to change up her look and maintain her hot girl summer ways since debuting a new blonde getup on Instagram. The “Be Careful” rapper shared a picture to her feed that could easily be a response to the latter of drama in her life since she’s flicking her ponytail in a “no fucks given” kind of mood with a comical caption that reads, “They say blondes have more fun, but brunettes fuck better.”

Cardi recently took part in some other Instagram activity that forced her to put some users in place for trying to discredit her debut album’s success. “It’s sad at this point. Facts is every place in the world people sing each of my songs word by word till this day my album is still selling worldwide top ten,” she wrote

The “Press” rapper even commented on a post of two people who were really trying to claim Cardi’s music was dying out. “So these two motherfuckers right here ya mean to tell me that I need help to make number on my album yet when I go on YA CHANNEL every video that has my name is the one that bring ya the most numbers and views,” she said.

Don’t mess with Cardi.