Cardi B Continues Rant About Negative Reporting In Urban & Hip Hop Blogs


Taking a break from going off on The Shade Room and accusing them of only sharing negative reports about her family and her friends, Cardi B continued to air out her grievances on social media. She’s asked the publication not to mention her name at all, but although they respected her wishes, earlier today she went on a social media rant claiming that TSR attacks her friends and associates instead.

This sparked another point for Cardi to make as she shared on Instagram that non-urban media outlets have turned to capitalizing off of the controversy surrounding urban celebrities because urban blogs have raked in lucrative incomes from negative reports. “People be in the comments like, ‘Oh why are they making documentaries about R. Kelly? Why are they making documentaries about Michael Jackson?’ Well, let me tell y’all why. Because y’all make people feel like it’s okay to do so.”

Cardi B Continues Rant About Negative Reporting In Urban & Hip Hop Blogs
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

“Why wouldn’t a white Caucasian person try to capitalize from the drama that happens in the urban and the black entertainment business, when black blogs, black-owned blogs capitalize off they own drama and problems. You don’t see Donald Trump,” she continued. “You don’t see Charlie Sheen sh*t going viral every year, every so. ‘Cause they don’t give a f*ck anymore. Back in the day, TMZ used to report about Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, all these Caucasian celebrities, all these celebrity actors. Now, all they do is post about hip hop artists, people that’s in the black entertainment business because black blogs capitalize off of black entertainer’s drama.”

Although we can see her point, to be fair, Donald Trump is the President of the United States and is both dragged and hailed in the media almost every minute of every day. And Charlie Sheen, well, his “Tiger Blood” days are behind him, and he’s pretty much lived a quiet life doing whatever it is that Charlie Sheen does. Angelina Jolie is a United Nations ambassador with a hoard of children, and both she and Brad Pitt have been in the headlines as of late now that their divorce is official. 

Also, the influence of hip hop culture is undeniable as is transcends borders that that society has created. There are people, worldwide, who know more about famous rappers than they do their elected officials. Non-urban-centered blogs know this, so they piggy-back off of the hip hop media to bring in those readers. However, well-balanced news sources are most effective, and at the heart of Cardi’s rant, that’s all that she wants.