Cardi B & Offset Explain The Lyrics To "Clout" With Jimmy Kimmel


Cardi B and Offset‘s megahit “Clout” that came off Offset’s album Father of 4 is still getting replayed to this day due to the popularity and overall party vibe of the track. The tune is still sitting on the Billboard 100 at #62 and it’s seemingly for that reason why Jimmy Kimmel invited the married couple to his show to get some feedback on the lyrics and his attempts at deciphering what they mean. 

Offset kicked things off by rapping his verse: “Straight out the streets to a penthouse/Miami beach/Yayo,” leading Jimmy to suggest what he thinks it means, getting it correct. “I came from humble beginnings, but now I own a condominium in Florida. Yayo,” he said.

Cardi B & Offset Explain The Lyrics To "Clout" With Jimmy Kimmel
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

“Get the whip/Put it up for my seeds/No cure for the IG disease,” Offset rapped.

“Seeds are kids, right?” Jimmy asked. “So, I’m saving my money for my children, and I love Instagram—a lot.” Cardi B then came through with her line, getting sexually explicit: “Mouth still say what it wants to/Vagina still wet like a fat bitch.” Jimmy thought the verse was about “free speech” but Cardi let him know what it really meant. 

“No, it doesn’t mean that,” Cardi responded. “You ever heard that, like, big girls have better vaginas than skinny girls?” 

“Of course, of course! My mother taught me that when I was young,” Jimmy said. 

Watch the full clip below.